With Critical Illness Policies, You’ll Never Have to Worry Again.


In today’s unprecedented times, Health has gained the topmost priority of all times. Our changing lifestyles have resulted in serious health ailments. To cope with the same, medical expenses are at an all-time high. Well, this is exactly where a critical illness policy comes in handy!

A critical illness policy is a medical cover that provides financial assistance to insured members if they contact an acute disease related to the heart, brain, and nervous system, cancer, or any condition of major organs. The money can be used for paying bills and meeting other financial responsibilities during the treatment of the illness or after the treatment too. 


Why do you need a critical illness policy along with your regular mediclaim policy?

When matters involve health, one cannot have enough. The unpredictability of health issues makes any amount of advance planning look trivial. This makes you and your loved ones still vulnerable to a number of illnesses. It is therefore wise planning to opt for a critical illness policy along with your regular medical as the combination would suffice you with enough financial protection from any kind of ailments.

We guide you through a wide range of such policies which are worth the time and money you spend. It’s well worth your investment! Here is everything you need to know about critical Illness Health policies.


Upfront Lump Sum Benefit with flexible payment options

One of the key benefits of a Critical Illness policy is its Upfront Lump Sum Benefit upon diagnosis. A maximum Lump sum amount is paid to each group of critical illnesses while the total payout over a lifetime is up to 400% of the sum insured.

For example, If Mr. A took a claim For Cancer he will get the complete sum of insurance opted for. If the Same person is Diagnosed with Any other critical conditions other than the First Element for which he has taken a claim still he is eligible to take the claim up to the same sum Insurance for Second Critical Condition also and likewise for all 4 conditions.

Such policies also come with various premium payment options making it affordable and easy on pockets throughout life. Premiums can be paid quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. 

The list of benefits does not end here. Take a quick sneak peek at the endless benefits these policies hold for the policyholders.


Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

Financial Support – With critical illness insurance, you’ll never have to worry about the financial consequences of your medical condition. Your family members and dependents may not be in a position to care for you when you’re sick or injured. Critical illness insurance can provide funds for paying necessary treatments that would otherwise go unpaid because no one is there to do it. 

Comprehensive Coverage –  An illness may turn into a healthcare crisis if you do not have insurance to cover the costs. But with a Critical Illness Plan, can provide coverage for 32+ different critical illnesses that often result in significant out-of-pocket expenses on your part.

Income Replacement – When an individual is battling a life-threatening disease, they may not be physically fit to continue working. As a result, they may lose their job, which means losing their steady income source. This can result in significant financial distress. The benefit of a stand-alone critical illness policy can act as a savior in such a situation.

Tax Benefit – For the financial year 2021-2022, you are allowed to claim a tax deduction of up to Rs 25,000 on your medical insurance premiums paid towards health insurance purchased for you and your family.

The crux is any critical illness policy along with regular medical enlarges the protection umbrella for you and your family. Given its flexible payment options and Lump Sum benefits, it is a popular choice of health insurance in today’s uncertain times. While youngsters can actively invest in these policies for their families as a preventive measure, people with a severe medical history, or envision a stress-free life in terms of heavy medical expenses are advised to top up with a well-suited critical illness policy. 

While searching for the best critical illness insurance in India, Khasnis Prime Wealth simplifies this manhunt for you. We offer the best critical illness policies based on your requirements so that they can considerably reduce your financial burden


With Critical Illness Policies, You'll Never Have to Worry Again.

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