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    What is Mutual Fund planning?

    A mutual fund plan clearly outlines:


    Strategies or step by step approach for your life’s financial goals and vision


    Ways to maintain financial stability and contingency fund flow


    Effective management of finances for a peaceful life

    You can begin your wealth planning with mutual fund investments. Mutual fund investments help you draw a
    road map for your financial goals, enhance the quality of life and makes you financially confident.

    Mutual Fund investments cater to holistic
    Money Management

    Goal Planning

    With strategic wealth planning fulfil life goals like child education, buying a property, vacation, etc.

    Retirement Planning

    Secure a peaceful retirement with prior wealth planning

    Insurance Planning

    Choose the right insurance plans to secure your and your loved ones’ lives.

    Emergency Funds

    Unprecedented times bring about a lot of uncertainties in one's life, so prepare yourself financially with emergency fund investments.

    Tax Planning

    Save taxes with proper tax planning

    Investment Planning

    Achieve your goals and vision with smart investments.

    Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments

    Managed Portfolio

    Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers who responsibly make wise investment decisions according to market movements and trend analysis.

    Diverse Portfolio

    Mutual funds pave the way for investing in varieties of securities and diversify investments as per investor’s objectives and risk tolerance.


    With the freedom to earn from personal savings, mutual funds investors can begin investing with as less as 500 INR.

    Tax Saving

    Certain investments are taxefficient. For example, in domestic equity mutual funds, one does not have to pay capital gains tax if invested above 1 year

    What we do

    At Khasnis Prime Wealth, we mindfully indulge ourselves in the comprehensive financial outlining process of our clients. The financial outlining process involves a number of steps. When you choose to trust us with your financial goals and objectives, we make sure they are fulfilled sustainably. We analyse your financial potential at the moment and for the future to chalk out a plan that fits you uniquely. At Khasnis Prime Wealth, we strongly believe that every portfolio is unique as per an individual’s dreams and goals thus do not rely on past ready-made portfolios. This practice of ours is appreciated by the real numbers that our tailor-made solutions bring to you.

    Why Khasnis Prime Wealth?

    Reliance on in-depth domain expertise

    Crisp understanding of regulatory frameworks

    Identification of value-driven opportunities

    Bespoke solutions for maximizing your wealth

    We guide you hand hold at every step of the investment process making us a leading mutual fund advisor in Nagpur. It all begins with one mantra


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