Life Insurance

Life Insurance protects you against specific losses by paying a premium over a period of time. Since each one of us is vulnerable to uncertainties – failing health, financial losses, accidents and even fatalities, our instinct drives us to cover ourselves against those risks. Though an insurance cover can’t protect you against the emotional losses arising out of these risks, it softens the economic crisis that usually accompanies these losses.

hands holding paper cut out of a family

Here is why you cannot miss upon a worthy Life Insurance

  1. Financial Security – It acts as a financial cushion and ensures your objectives and family goals are not compromised
  2. Secure ward’s future- It ensures your child’s dreams and future aspirations are fulfilled hassle-free
  3. Prevents loan burden- Life insurance ensures loan is repaid without having a fear of losing any family assets or stressing about funds
  4. Tax benefits- Under 80C for life insurance premiums you can avail of tax benefits up to 1.5 lakh INR
  5. Retirement Planning- You can be a secured retirement with annuity based life insurance plans that locks monthly pension payments.

At Khasnis Prime Wealth Pvt. Ltd. we thoroughly understand your needs, portfolio and recommend the best life insurance for you.